Feb 8, 2011

Q & A

 Another craps, dear.

from my random tweets last night. I warn you: this is crap, and you don't have to read until the last line.

Q: You know what hurts more than rejection? A: Being taken for granted.

Q: You know what's the best drug? A: Being loved and wanted.

Q: You know what always happens again and again? A: Unrequited love.

Q: You know what goes and dies with the time? A: Your first love.

Q: You know what never dies? A: Hope and dream.

Q: You know what makes you grow together? A: Imperfections.  

Q: You know what's bitter to swallow? A: Truth.

Q: You know what's less bitter? A: Lies.

Q: You know what makes people stay? A: Acceptance.

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